Are your employees  thriving, or just surviving? How is their mental and physical health? What tools and skills do they need?


How well do your departments and teams support each other? Do they have shared a language, understanding and common vision?

Cultural Resilience

What's your workplace culture really like? Does it help people to feel safe at work, to unleash their creativity and to step into the best version of themselves?

safety & belonging

The real goal of the other three: to help your staff feel that they truly belong in the organisation. They feel safe, trusted, trusting and welcome.

Reduce Sickness

Measuring the resilience inside your organisation allows you to target resources and support where it is needed. You can significantly reduce your financial costs from sickness by finding out how and where to look after your employees.

Reduce Staff Turnover

When people aren't happy in the workplace, they either leave or quiet quit... until they leave. Knowing why people are unhappy allows you to target resources in the right direction to significantly reduce staff turnover.

improve performance

Resilience work isn't just about reducing costs, it's also about creating an environment in which your teams can thrive. We can help you make your organisation a vibrant, creative, inspiring place to work.

It’s OK to work here, but probably no different to anywhere else” answered Jenny.

I asked her to elaborate on her daily experience.

Well, there's always an excessive workload and too many meetings consuming our time. When colleagues are off sick, I have to cover their work, which leaves me struggling to complete my own tasks. [pause] My manager is stressed as well, and that affects the entire team. The company fears missing this year's financial targets, so they've introduced more and more controls on our activities

How well do they look after you?” I asked.

“[pause]. We have a good rapport as a team, but we haven't socialised outside of work for at least six months. Who has the time? Oh, and they conduct a quarterly employee engagement survey, but not much changes as a result.”

Can your employees relate to this?

Jenny's story is quite typical. The world is filled with unremarkable workplaces, overworked and micromanaged employees, burned-out creatives afraid to innovate, and individuals who feel they don't belong. Often, people merely tolerate their jobs because the discomfort of staying doesn't yet outweigh the pain of searching for a new position. However, it doesn't take much to push them over the edge and start exploring other opportunities.

We're here to help you make your organisation an amazing, healthy, inspiring and welcoming place to work.

If you are ready to step your organisation up to the next level get in touch today.

Warning: The Truth is Ugly

This is not a superficial exercise. We've had leaders use Resilience Score™, secretly expecting it to validate their performance, only to discover that their female employees feel undermined and disregarded.

Others have found that their bonus structures have negatively impacted performance, as employees feel manipulated and have stopped trusting in the leadership.

Resilience Score™ is NOT an ego boost; it's a tool to show you where improvement is needed. Receiving such feedback will be uncomfortable. If you're not prepared to face some harsh truths from your employees, this service is not be right for you.

We will support you through the process, but it is never easy to see your leadership laid out like this. We love to think of ourselves as caring, attentive managers, and it can be painful to realise that there are employees struggling inside our organisation... and it is often linked to our decisions and policies.

But, if you are brave enough, and willing to take some action, then Resilience Score™ can provide you with amazing insights that you would otherwise be completely oblivious to. 

We only work with long term partners

One of the most significant criticisms of employee engagement surveys is that they frequently result in little to no change for employees.

That's why we only work with organisations committed to long-term transformation.

Our surveys are designed to pinpoint the support, training, and coaching that would be most beneficial for your organisation. We will only conduct the survey with partners dedicated to providing that support, training, and coaching to their employees.