Only External Providers Work

Why use an external service like Resilience Score™?

You might be thinking: “why can’t we just run our own surveys?“. In fact, most companies run their own internal employee engagement surveys, so why would a resilience survey be any different?

The biggest issue is the quality of results. If you run a resilience survey, your employees will either lie in the answers or just not complete it. The reason is that people are often very reluctant to discuss their stress or mental health, especially within an organisation.

This can be due to fear, shame, upbringing or simply personality. Or, most often, they simply don’t know how that information will be used, where it will be kept and who will see it. No one wants their private information shared inside their organisation.

Lack of Trust
As a general rule, we, as employees, simply don’t trust organisations not to use mental health information against us.

If we admit to feeling overwhelm or anxiety is that going to lead to being overlooked for promotion? If we take a ‘mental health day’, will that count against us later? Will we be secretly mocked by management?

Employees Lie About Stress
A recent survey by mental health charity Mind revealed that 19% of Brits have taken at least one stress related sick day but that 93% of them lied about the real reason for taking the time off. In other words, we may not mind taking a day off for sickness, but will very rarely admit to stress.

The result is that, it is almost impossible for organisations to get a picture of what staff are going through in terms of stress and anxiety.

This is where we come in.

Confidentiality & Trust
Using a highly trustworthy external system, such as Resilience Score™, creates a confidentiality barrier so that your employees understand that their private information will never end up being used against them.

We maintain the same level of trust that we would with a 1-2-1 coaching or counselling client; strict confidentiality. This allows people a certain level of confidence that they can answer honestly without consequences.

In other words, we can get a real picture of the resilience of your employees and teams in a way that you never can.

Measuring Resilience

How Do we Measure Resilience?

We use a proprietary Likert based system to run staff surveys. Each statement that we present is carefully crafted to reveal a specific piece of actionable information – there’s no point finding out that your employees are struggling with something if you can’t do anything about it!

Fast & Easy
Our system is designed to be as fast as possible for your staff to complete, because we know that people are time-poor and reluctant to ‘do more admin’.

Targetable Insights
We craft the surveys around your needs, aiming for around 30-50 statements or questions. Every single statement has a purpose – if we can’t change it, then there’s no point measuring it. Our surveys are specifically intended to track changes over time.

The surveys take around 10-15 minutes to complete. This allows enough depth without losing people to boredom or time pressures. 

Personal Resilience

Around half of the resilience survey will be targeted at your staff resilience in terms of their personal experience in the workplace, their skills, health and so on. Example statements might include:

  • I know my own boundaries and I am clear with others on what these are.
  • My mental, physical and emotional health is not negatively impacted by my work.
  • What I do and what I am contracted to do are aligned.

Team Resilience

The other half of the survey will be targeted at team level resilience. Example statements include:

  • I have confidence in my coworkers’ ability to receive a challenge or feedback in a way that results in a positive outcome.
  • As an organisation we are agile and responsive to change.
  • There is a healthy exchange of appreciation among team members.

We usually include a couple of open questions so that employees can feedback information that we might otherwise miss, too. 

Survey Results

Sharing The Results With You

As part of our commitment to confidentiality, we provide you with a detailed analysis of the surveys, designed to keep all individual information confidential.

We will never share individual answers with you; instead, we provide a far more useful coaching-led analysis of the state of resilience in your organisation.

Team Level Analysis
We will include not only organisation level analysis, but we can also break it right down into detail, looking at specific teams and departments. This allows you to see where specific action might be needed if a team isn’t performing well. 

Sectional Analysis
We also analyse the data based on gender, age, sexuality, race and disability. This allows us to get a picture of whether specific groups inside your organisation would benefit from extra resources, training or support.